Analysis of the Ljubljana real estate market

Article on SIOL with Metropola IN real estate agent, Roman Prskalo
Market analysis shows that the period of the highest average prices at the beginning of last year, when they exceeded EUR 3,500 per square metre, is over. Prices have stabilised at just below record levels, with February average prices, according to the first data, 5% lower than in January.

Roman Prskalo from the real estate agency Metropola IN confirms that the demand for residential real estate and the number of concluded transactions have dropped significantly at the beginning of this year. He hardly sees any investment purchases anymore. The buyers are dominated by families who are solving their first housing problem and families who are exchanging a smaller flat for a larger one.

The lower demand will certainly be followed by a fall in prices. Properties in areas further away from the centre of Ljubljana, such as Črnuče or Polje, are expected to become cheaper and the price difference between new and second-hand homes is expected to increase.

"Seven thousand new apartments are forecast in Ljubljana in the coming years. There will be enough supply and buyers will once again have scissors and canvas in their hands," Prskalo adds.

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